Creative Infotech Overview

Silicon on PCB

Did you ever notice how much signal loss can happen in those nice looking plastic/ceramic packages? Packages cause huge signal loss and it increases with frequency. If you are not happy with the packaged devices and want your prototype to be made directly silicon placed on PCBs -> Contact us.

This service is one of its kind and involve highly specialized peoples who understand device physics as well as practical issues in implementation. Handling of bare silicon device is also very important in terms of electro-static-discharge. We interactively work with you to design the board and any particular requirements to adjust our electronic circuit design.

Please note that this kind of service involve highly specialized skill-set and multiple design iterations. This service is suitable for prototype build-up and standard time-to-market is not applicable for this. For this kind of service, we do not accept orders for large quantity.

For more details, please contact us.