SiRF Circuits

Smart Sensor Design/ Internet-of-Things (IoT)

We are proud to offer our expert services in the field of smart sensor design and development. Our team of circuit designers have experience in the interface circuit design needed to make a complete sensor system. You can porvide a sensor, and we can develop required circuitry for biasing and signal-processing. A major problem with sensor systems is that not all the sensors available in packaged form. Also, custom designed sensors fabricated in your labs may not have suitable package. We can handle packaged as well as un-packaged sensors.

This service is one of its kind and involve highly specialized peoples who understand device physics as well as practical issues in implementation. We interactively work with you to finalize the sensor specifications and any particular requirements to adjust our electronic circuit design.

SiRF Circuits

We also offer limited services on android based web applications to connect smart sensors with your mobile/laptop. You can read-out/calibrate the sensor through wireless link and further process the digital data through graphical user interface (GUI) of your mobile device.

Please note that this knid of service involve highly specialized skill-set and multiple design iterations. This service is suitable for prototype build-up and standard time-to-market is not applicable for this. Availability/Capability of mobile app for smart-sensor is subject to suitablility of your sensor.

For more details, please contact us.